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180 degree Ljud & Bildmedia AB
45 degree Ljud & Bildmedia AB
90 degree Ljud & Bildmedia AB
set up with Bolt
Carice van Houten
table top nespresso
With 180 - 90 and 45 degree attachment
The Rings of power


The Hyperion Microshot Mk2 is a Super 35 borescope designed to match to the high image quality of modern lenses.

The lens system was developed by Etkon in Amsterdam in collaboration with the wildlife filmmaker Dick Harrewijn. With extensive testing and the building of 5 prototypes we have now finalized the design, the Microshot Mk2.

The Microshot has been used with great success on a number of commercials including: Rolls Royce, Nespresso, McDonalds, Ferrero Rocher, Quick Burgers, Pijnenburg Ontbijtkoeken, Senseo and many more. 

The kit consists of the borescope, 6 lenses, 45, 90 and 180. degree attachments, focus motor holder, 19mm support bars and a case.